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Office Machines

Office machines play a major part in the smooth running of all offices large and small. here at Canterbury Business Equipment we can supply and install machines for all purposes.
from our extensive range of suppliers we can source the right product for the right job on time and on budget.

printers and multifunction machines.
available in all shapes, sizes and capabilities. The choices for a printer are vast, starting from a humble desktop colour inkjet  to a fully networked colour laser printer.
we purchase from the leading suppliers in the industry assuring you of the latest and the most competitive pricing.

Dictation equipment
still a very popular way of recording important information, can be applied to most aspects of business , including architects, surveyors, and most of the building trades to record specifications, materials lists, or notes and reminders.
also very popular with executives, management, and sales staff for dictating letters, notes, memos, or orders whilst out of the office.

In fact we can supply all types of office electronics, including smart t.v's, coffee machines, shredders, binders, laminators, fridges, washing machines, etc etc.